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Cajun Words


A Few Words/Phrases You Need to Know About

Bayou: (bah-yoo) small river

joie de vivre: (jwah-duh-vee) "love of life"

Mardi Gras: (mar-dee-graw) "Fat Tuesday", a day of celebration on Tuesday before Lent

fais-do-do: (fay-doh-doh) country dance

Zydeco: (zah-dee-koh) "les haricots" meaning "snap beans", its a nickname for the unique Creole Music which features a large accordian

bourre: (boo-ray) Cajun card game in which the loser of the hand must "stuff" or match the take of the winning hand

couche couche: (koosh-koosh) a Cajun cornmeal cereal, usually eaten with milk or syrup

beignets: (ben-yays) French donuts

cafe au lait: (kah-fay-oh-lay) coffee with milk

jambalaya: (jam-buh-ly-uh) a rice dish made with meats and vegetables

etouffee: (ay-too-fay) "smothered", the ultimate cajun dish, usually made with seafood in a smothered vegtable sauce

gumbo: (gum-boh) a roux-based soup of poultry, sausage, or seafood, served over rice

cochon de lait: (koh-shon-duh-lay) "suckling pig", a pig roast

visite: (vee-zeet) visit

passer un bon temps: (pah-say-un(n)-baw(n)-taw(n)) "have a good time" or pass a good timeá

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