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Cajun Music For Children

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One of Cajun music's chief qualities is its cheerfulness; it's impossible to listen to it and stay depressed. This same quality makes it perfect music for kids, and Papillion succeeds admirably, from the rollicking gaiety of "Down on the Bayou" to the zydeco rhythm of "Zydeco Dancing" to the bluesy shuffle of "Sugar Bee." Most of the songs, as one might expect, will move the tiniest feet, from "Oh Papillion!" to "Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler!" (which means, unsurprisingly, "Let the good times roll") to "Let's Go!" There are slower songs as well; "Fais Do Do" ("Go to Sleep") is a lullaby, and the highly recognizable "You Are My Sunshine" closes the CD. Between musical tracks, Papillion takes his young listeners on a journey through the Louisiana bayou, with an odd French lesson or two along the way.

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