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My Thoughts on Emeril

Born Emeril Lagasse in Fall River, Mass., as a boy he worked in a small Portuguese bakery, he eventually worked his way through the culinary program at Johnson and Wales University where he obtained a Doctorate degree.  He then went on and polished his skills in France, then on to many other great resturants from Boston, New York and Philadelphia.  He eventually moved to New Orleans where for 7 1/2 years he was head chef at Ella and Dick Brennan's Commander's Palace.

Emeril Lagasse is in by no means cajun, in anything he cooks more in the New Orleans creole fashion than anything, but on occasion he does manage to put together some great cajun dishes.  If anything Emeril Lagasse can claim to be an adopted cajun/creole.  One thing is for sure, if you have ever seen his tv show, he has managed to get the cajun/creole attitude for cooking, take what you have and make something original using what readily available.

Why did I quote him on my main page?  Simply, that statement can be attributed to an interview for Reader's Digest when Emeril was asked about cajun cooking and it is the most correct statement I've seen about cajun cooking ever.

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