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More Information About Me

More Information About Me

Marcus P. Fontenot

I was born in Gainsville, Florida, and after six months, I was adopted by a loving family from Louisiana. I attended Grade School, and eventually High School at Opelousas Catholic. I attended college at both Louisiana State University, and the University of Southwestern Louisiana , where I majored in Broadcast Management. I also attended and graduated a two year course in Industrial Electronics at T.H. Harris Vocational-Technical School. This is where my first introduction to computers took place. I was introduced to a TRS-80 and basic progamming.

I was hooked! A few months later, I decided to buy my first computer, an Atari 800, with Basic on a ROM cartridge! After a few months (15) of playing flippie with the floppys (use double sided disks in a single density floppy reader) The Atari gave out. I was out of computer for a long time.

I saved for a long time to get my next computer, a Leading Edge 386sx 20Mhz system. I ran my own BBS on this system for about a year. During this time, I had moved to Houston, in search of a new job. With new job in hand, and my BBS up and running, I was really learning computers, or so I thought.

After about a year of running my BBS, and learning where most of the Midwest States (Iowa, Illinois, and Indiana) are actually located, (I was on the road for a full year with my new job) I decided to look for employment elsewhere. After all, a social life is important, and traveling all over the country staying in motels everynight is not my idea of a social life. After sending my resume everywhere, I eventually found new employment in technical support at Dell Computers in Austin, I moved to Austin, Texas, quite possibly one of the friendliest cities I have ever been in. It is the Bat Capitol of the World after all. It seems that a colony of bats lives under the Congress street bridge.

I have been working with many and various technical support departments in Austin,á a few to mention is Dell Computers , Austin Computers, Media Magic Soundcard/CD Rom Support,áIBM, supporting OS/2 Connect, specifically on the TCP/IP team, and recently I started work for Lotus Austin, working in Notes Server Support

Currently I am running a small network in my house usingá three computers, and this allows me to have many different operating systems, as well as servers running so I can learn all the different nuiances of the various operating systems and server solutions..

My life had taken me away from Louisiana, it had taken me away from many of my friends as well, but my love of Louisiana has only strengthened. Recently I bumped into one of my friends in the alt.culture.cajun newsgroup, so I know that soon, some of my friends will all have net access and then it will not feel as if they are so far away from me. It is true, you really do not appreciate what you have until you are away from the place you love. Thats my reason for writing this page. Although I am far away from my home, I can always feel close to my roots, as long as I can maintain my links.

Recently, my career has taken me back to Louisiana.á I am currently working in New Orleans with Sprint Paranet and this has become somewhat of a homecoming for me.á I have decided that this is as close to "home" that I can be and still be gainfully employeed in my field.á So for the time being, I'm living in New Orleans, enjoying all the great food that I was missing in Texas, and telling people what real Tex-Mex food tastes like (Imagine that!).á Moving back to Louisiana has also given me the opportunity to explore other interests I have, photography and trying to make the Internet work for me instead of me working for it.á At some point in time, I'll post pictures from my outdoor adventures and I may even have an announcement about a new business I'm starting up online, for all you displaced folks that cant get authentic cajun flavors.

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